Always use official booking channels, which may vary from event to event.

You do not need to print your ticket, simply queue as normal and have your bar code ready, if you have purchased multiple tickets you as lead name need to arrive first with all people on your ticket.

YES- However prices may differ from event to event.

No, either print tickets or have bar code please have your phone charged for this.

Yes we have two cloakrooms and it’s £2 per item.

Is casual & relaxed, no tracksuit no caps.

Valid Driving License or Passport

Gig listed 14+ they must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 with valid ID


An increasing trend towards pre drinking and drinking while going to venue has been noted and we understand there may be temptation for this, to reinforce this message bottles will be removed from people drinking outside and attempting to drink in the queue regretfully may not gain entry to event.

Please ensure you drink in moderation prior and during the event

Unfortunately no

Please email

Please note lost property and left cloak room coats will be disposed of after 28 days, if not claimed and collected.
Driving licences will be returned to DVLA, student cards to University.

We are sorry you feel this way. Please email